August 19, 2021

Looks like a good time was had by all
– at the 2nd annual River Rat Regatta

The names of the cardboard boats were almost as entertaining as the design and decoration of the makeshift crafts: "Fish Bait," "Marlin Mon Row," "Soggy Serial Box," "Pirates of the Cardboardian," "Fintastic," "Keep It Simple," and "The Kitchen Sink" (which sank as advertised and didn't finish the course).

Actually, the boats that flipped over or sank drew more cheers than those that went the fastest. After all, it was an event done more for fun than for competition.

Even so, there were winners:

Youth Division – first place, "Carpenter's Liberty," Ava & Peyton Carpenter, winning time of 3 minutes and 18.3 seconds; second place – "Bat Ship Crazy," Carter Dale & Gavin Holland; third place – "Amazon Prime Time," Logan Hopkins & Gabby Lancaster.

Adult Division – first place, "The Leaky Cauldron," Jamie & Morgan Thompson, winning time of 2 minutes, 20 seconds; second place, "Marlin Mon Row," Jonathan Johnson & Allan Beam; third place, "Jen-Nay II," Dale Ham & Lyn Andrews.

Best Decorated award went to "Dumpster Dragon," Jimmy Crump & Bobbie Beadle.

Titanic Award ("Most Memorable Sinking") went to "VitaMetaVegimen," Krista Bennett & Erin Harty.

The Smithfield Parks & Recreation Department organized the event, assisted in the water by numerous Fire Department and EMS lifeguards.

Here are some scenes from the event, which somehow dodged thunderstorms roaming the region Saturday afternoon and went off as scheduled:

Sometimes the take-offs were a bit shaky.